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Holly Litwiniuk says entrepreneurial spirit just runs in the family…

She watched her parents build their business from the ground up over the course of her childhood - from a one man show, to a Mom & Pop, to one of Canada’s Most Admired corporate cultures. Whether it was a peak or a pit on that roller coaster ride, the whole family lived and breathed the business. So when she would later decide to move to Nashville, to go to business school and pursue a career as a recording artist and songwriter, it would be full steam ahead with 100% support from the very people who showed her how to dream big. 

A self-proclaimed renaissance woman, Holly was always very drawn to all things beauty. She convinced her Mom to finally allow her to wear makeup in seventh grade, and was getting regular nail enhancement services by the age of 15. 

Over the next few decades an idea began to percolate. Frequenting various nail salons across North America, while living in and visiting various cities, Holly realized no single salon incorporated all the elements she craved as a client. It would be something she would continue to ponder.

Meanwhile Holly focused full time on her first passion: music. Upon graduating with honors from Belmont University, you could say she started her first business; and the business was herself. She managed every aspect of her career as an independent artist, while commuting to LA to write and record. During this time she also found a special joy and fulfillment in contributing to the family business as Social Media and Digital Marketing Coordinator. The thought of one day opening a nail salon still lingered in the back of her mind.

In 2017 it was time to take the leap. Holly spent about a year getting everything in order, including obtaining her manicurist license. The labor of love was ready to be born. In November 2018 Luster Nail Parlour opened its doors. Holly continues to pursue her music career and consult with the family business, while owning and managing the flagship parlour in the Nations of Nashville TN. 


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