Luster Nail Parlour - Boutique Luxury Nail Salon

Boutique luxury by appointment

About Us

At Luster Nail Parlour, we’re reimagining the nail salon experience. Here’s how we’re doing it:


Our mission is to elevate our client’s experience, so they can go out into the world and SHINE. Come and be our guest of honor. We want you to feel pampered and relaxed during your visit. Consistency and quality are king (and queen) at Luster, so we stand by our intention to deliver 100% satisfaction.

Boutique Luxury

We’ve made a conscious choice to be a “boutique luxury nail salon". Boutique means we’re small on purpose, we keep it simple, and we’re specialized. We focus on quality not quantity. Luxury means we deliver a high-end experience using stellar products, from a well-educated team, because you deserve the best.


We make appointments, and we keep them. Great work takes time, so we give our Nail Technicians the space to make the magic happen. We also value your time, and we strive to be a bright spot on your schedule that you’ll look forward to. That’s why we ask our clients to book ahead, and why we promise to be on time every time.    

Safety and Sanitation 

We’re committed to the highest level of safety and sanitation to keep our clients and our team protected. We want you to know you’re in good hands, with people and products you can trust. That’s why we go the extra mile with: 


We never reuse anything that cannot be properly disinfected. This includes files, buffers and pumice stones. You can be sure you’ll be the first and last client these tools are used on. 

Medical-grade sterilization:

Our metal implements are not only cleaned, they are run through an FDA-approved, hospital grade dry heat sterilizer. This ensures the elimination of viruses, bacteria, and pathogens that can still linger after light disinfection processes such as: scrubbing, immersion in barbicide, and exposure in a UV light unit. 


We invite you to come and experience the gold standard of nails, at Luster Nail Parlour.